Case Studies

  • Ausvance

    We approached Ausvance (now known as Capify) flagging some critical issues in their user journey. They had ads running to help small business owners who were looking for a fast loan, yet when they clicked on the ad they were taken to a bulky website with many distractions.

    We focused on improving lead generation, increasing conversions by 438% in 4 months.

    We developed a robust list of keywords and ad groups specific to the industries business owners represented, and the products they would be searching for.

  • CCI Personal Insurance

    CCI Personal Insurance is not your everyday insurance company. Not only do they provide insurance protection, they give back to the Catholic community. To build awareness within the Catholic community, we began by contextually placing display ads across Google Display Network.

    We increased online conversions by 329% in 12 months.

    We developed a robust display strategy which included the likes of Catholic websites, blogs, articles and YouTube videos.

  • Rate Detective

    Rate Detective have a quirky brand, however, we noticed the main product pages were missing a personal touch! Especially when we compared them to others in the insurance space. Therefore we had a chat to the team and presented our idea to reinvent the Life Insurance page and ultimately make it a top performer.

    We increased online leads by 200% in 30 days.

    By giving more thought to the ‘Rate Detective’ brand we created a landing page which was a more engaging and positive experience for the online customer.