Lead Generation From Search To Landing PageHow we increased conversions by 438% in 4 months

About the project

We approached Ausvance (now known as Capify) flagging some critical issues in their user journey. They had ads running to help small business owners who were looking for a fast loan, yet when they clicked on the ad they were taken to a bulky website with many distractions. The value proposition wasn't clear and next steps were confusing. This presented an opportunity to create a smoother process which would improve paid advertising outcomes.


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Increase in paid clicks
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We started by considering…
  1. What industries do these small business owners come from?
  2. What do they want?
  3. What are their pain points?
  4. Why should they be interested in what Ausvance has to offer?
  5. What is their next step?

And from this we developed a profile and understanding of people who were busy running their shop and had new stock coming in which they had to pay for. Or a couple running a cafe who wanted to spruce up their interior before winter struck and their al fresco diners had to come inside away from the cold.

With this understanding we were able to develop a landing page which spoke to these people. A page which would provide them with an alternative to waiting months for a bank loan when purchasing stock or renovations couldn't wait. A page which converted at 54%.

With the page in mind we built out our search strategy, our ad creative as well and implemented our goal tracking measures.

Services Involved:
  • Search and online advertising strategy
  • Search and online ad management
  • Landing page design and optimisation
  • Consumer insights
  • Transparent reporting

How we did it

Clear and meaningful landing page

We took away the distractions and created a page which removed the pain of getting a bank loan and suggested a better solution, which would help them in a shorter time frame.

Found where people are searching

We developed a robust list of keywords and ad goups specific to the industries business owners represented, and the products they would be searching for.

Optimised for conversions

With high competition from banks and alike major keywords were expensive and difficult to convert. We had to balance our bids to ensure we had presence but weren't exhausting budget in a matter of clicks. Reducing cost per click and optimising for where we were gaining conversions was critical for outcomes.

Deepened our targeting

Once we had some runs on the board we were able to see more of what people were looking for. With this knowledge we were able to develop more targeted landing pages and user experiences to ensure their expectations were being met. It was important that we spoke the way they did so we developed targeted user content.

Tracked, analysed and adapted

With sophisticated tracking mechanisms across the site alongside analytical data we were able to learn more about the user journey and customer experience. We were able to learn more about the people coming to the pages. With this knowledge on hand we adapted to their needs. Being present at 9am wasn't important because they were busy working then, they didn't have time to search. Being able to answer their questions about the product was important.

Tested again and again

When we came to conclusions we tested them. Be it an image on the page, placement of an element, or simple headline copy we let the people decide.

And we just kept going...

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