It doesn’t matter if the marketing team is small or large, from Australia or from Brazil. Most of the companies I’ve worked with fall short in data management. It’s easy to comprehend why, in the past decade, marketing teams have had to adapt to so many changes and had to learn about so many tools and channels. It comes as no surprise that data fell off most team’s radar. On top of that, marketing managers are, historically, creative people with little interest about data and statistics and the idea of managing data scares a lot of the marketers that I know. The consequences are familiar: 1) The marketing department can’t prove their value and loses budget; 2) big chunks of marketing budget goes towards software’s and platforms which teams don’t know how to use or are not ready for 3) marketing strategy is re-done every year and campaigns lag on…
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Recently I had an interesting experience. I was researching IT companies and after clicking on ads and going from one website to another I came across a landing page. My immediate reaction was URGHH!!! I couldn’t deep dive into more content. I couldn’t see what other services the company had to offer. It felt like I was skimming the surface and had no idea of what lies beneath… This got me thinking, when is a landing page good and when is a landing page too little? In this post I’m going to delve into what products and services are better suited to landing pages and those which need a little more explanation. I will also provide a cure for the landing page disconnect – a way to keep people focused while providing that next level of detail. First, we will consider the type of decision required. According to the level…
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‘Follow that consumer’. We’ve all seen the spy movie where the first scene takes you through a manic car chase and a flurry of gunfire and the lead actor seemingly dies before your very eyes. You’re asking yourself, ‘that can’t be it’. Then written across the screen is written ‘4 weeks earlier’ and you’re left wondering how on earth it got to this. We’re going to do the same with Pete and Fiona during their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investigation. We’re going to follow their consumer journey from start to finish, right up to the point of making contact with a provider of SMSF. So let’s wind their lives back to ‘4 weeks earlier’, and walk with them on their journey and discover what ultimately motivates their purchase. Pete and Fiona are the proud parents of three teenage children. Tonight they’re going to a friend’s 50th birthday party. They arrive…
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When it comes to online lead generation the spectrum of clients we speak to can range from the ‘just get me leads’ request to the ‘we want to build the brand’ approach. Regardless of whether your preferred online marketing strategy is hard and fast or omnichannel nurturing, at some point each is judged by what it contributes to the bottom line. If you want to generate leads through tried and true online mechanisms then two channels stand out; Affiliate Marketing and Google AdWords leads. As a digital marketing agency we’ll give you some perspective from our experience in the game. But there is a disclaimer to state these channels may not work for everyone because your offer and your preferred consumers are very individual. The two approaches we’ll discuss here relate more to business to consumer environments such as mortgages, insurance, services and fashion. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing…
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If you own the marketplace you control the trading environment. But if history has taught us anything, no structure lasts forever. Historically the TV networks controlled distribution and what viewers saw and when they saw it. Companies like Netflix, Apple TV and YouTube have changed this structure and our habits. Supermarkets beat producers down on price to increase sales and today Farmers Markets allow you to bypass this monopoly and buy directly from the producer. Search engines control the online bidding war for consumer dollars and ... unfortunately Google still has the copyright on this. But can you sidestep the competitive bidding war that is Google Adwords? Not entirely, but you can release yourself from the risk by entering into a Cost per Lead agreement and only pay for outcomes. This online lead generation model is based on the Client (the company supplying consumer’s the end product/service) and a Marketing…
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Attention all business owners and marketing people. I invite you to unite to make the online world a better place by sharing this post with CEO’s, marketing managers and web developers. Let’s make a promise to eliminate the word ‘Submit’ on webpages and landing pages internationally.   Let’s make this ‘International Unsubmit Day’. But before you send this on to someone else you better make sure it’s not on your own page. So let’s do this right now... Step 1 - Load your homepage or landing page. Step 2 - Press (Ctrl F). Step 3 - Type in the little box ‘submit’. If this word is on your page it will be highlighted. Eliminate it immediately. You could use anyone of these terms. Start here, Send eBook now, Download, Get started, Contact me, anything is better than the use of the word Submit. In the landing page optimisation space it…
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You may have noticed over in early-mid June 2016 Google changed how Adwords advertisers were represented on Search. In short they changed listings from a Yellow Ad button to a Green Ad button as seen below.   Old New   We challenge anyone to say the Green Ad button representing Adwords advertisers don’t look similar to the organically ranked listings. Google’s Adwords business is worth approximately $20 billion each quarter so when they make changes to their Search pages it’s calculated, they don’t just give it to Gus and Mike in the back room to fiddle with on a Friday afternoon. We’ve analysed multiple pages including the above page to find out how this affects the consumer when they’re using Search. To conduct this research each advertiser receives a value based on the visibility of the real estate they occupy on the page. This is calculated by using an artificial…
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