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Are your buyers female entrepreneurs aged 25-34?

15 May 2019 Read 1001 times

Meet Charlie, the new B2B buyer

The digital landscape is ever changing and the audiences we influence and need to target are just as dynamic.

We recently went in-depth to our data to identify the new emerging buyers in the non-bank lending sector.

This is interesting for the two options (in general terms) in the non-bank sector; the Fintech’s and the invoice finance sector.

For the fintech’s like Prospa or OnDeck the challenge is, even though they were the Once Great Disruptors, they’ve now, like a litter of cuddly puppies, settled into a big cosy pillow. (everyone loves a puppy analogy). And if you’ve ever chosen a puppy out of a litter, you’ll note the irony because they pretty much all look the same at this early age.

For the invoice finance sector their challenge is different. The category has been around for decades. Their strength has been their dependence on the broker channel. Handshakes and long lunches are comfortable for them.

Until only recently their traditional buyer was 45 years old plus.

But look who recently turned up to buy in the category….

Charlie (above image) is the new disruptor to many B2B categories. She’s now buying business insurance, renting offices, looking for bookkeeping and accounting and considering wealth advisors and/or robo-advice.

If you now have the thought, like some, that you are not prepared for this emerging buyer, then you’ve not alone.

If Charlie is your new buyer, you will need to lift your game because she’s educated and digitally demanding.

How do you identify and influence her purchase?

Charlies known information

The good news is Charlie’s personality is constant. Her known attributes, (Image1) are constant across all purchase environments. Regardless of which category she buys in she is still 26 years of age and living in Prahran. She still works 12-hour days and spends too much money on convenience like Uber and Uber eats.

Charlies unknown attributes

This is the hidden Charlie and the underlying reason she will purchase from you. The basis of knowing Charlies unknown attributes come from the fact she exhibits common behavioural patterns based on her needs (not yours). Her upbringing and education have influenced her to see the world in a profound way, she may dislike salespeople, she may hold her judgement of potential suppliers close to her, and she will educate herself sufficiently before asking questions.

Her overarching needs, pains and gains have determined her journey and her goals are fulfilling her emotional needs and these considerations are evident, but hidden from you, across the many categories she buys in.

In each category she buys in, she looks for specific points which align with her expectation of the product/service and these align with her emotional needs and goals.

Finding Charlie - The channel strategy

You can make Charlie aware of your product/service and be considered as an option only when you fit into her daily routine.

Does Charlie have the radio playing in the background in the morning or does she listen to business related podcasts at the gym?

On the tram to work which websites might she frequent? When she’s at work which social networks does she engage with, and who asks questions of her where she may need clarity which drives her to search Google or Bing. Finally, at night does she relax in front of MasterChef or have you lost her on Netflix?

The Go-To-Market strategy considers these channel placements.

Psychology and tactics

Knowing how to engage Charlie is the most important aspect of her interaction with you. This is where the ‘Aha’ moment happens. If you get this right, you’ll go a long way to winning customers in Charlies demographic on a frequent basis.

Knowing how to influence her emotionally comes off the previously discussed unknown attributes and in order to do this you must know her needs, pains and gains.

The hidden treasure in marketing

Most companies can define the –

Known information – Who she is, age, living situation, work situation

Channel strategy – Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram

But they lack the following –

Unknown attributes – Her needs, pains and gains

Psychology and tactics – How to motivate Charlie to action by triggering her needs, pains and gains

How do you discover the missing pieces of the puzzle?

To discover your buyers unknown attributes download our “How to create buyer personas” eBook here.

As a next step to this you’ll need to know where you will find Charlie, both online and offline. To uncover this process, download this Go-To-Market Strategy eBook.

And if you need help Contact Us.

Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer is the Joint Founder and CEO of Showtime Digital. Steve has been in B2B sales since 1997 but influencing people and behavioural science has been a long-term passion.

The magic he brings to his clients is in knowing how to engage their audience. His goal is to help businesses understand the deeper reasons of why consumers convert online with them.