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4 ways to make data work for your marketing team

11 July 2018 Read 1266 times

It doesn’t matter if the marketing team is small or large, from Australia or from Brazil. Most of the companies I’ve worked with fall short in data management.

It’s easy to comprehend why, in the past decade, marketing teams have had to adapt to so many changes and had to learn about so many tools and channels. It comes as no surprise that data fell off most team’s radar.

On top of that, marketing managers are, historically, creative people with little interest about data and statistics and the idea of managing data scares a lot of the marketers that I know.

The consequences are familiar: 1) The marketing department can’t prove their value and loses budget; 2) big chunks of marketing budget goes towards software’s and platforms which teams don’t know how to use or are not ready for 3) marketing strategy is re-done every year and campaigns lag on personalization and efficiency.

So what can marketing departments do to become data-driven?

I wish implementing a data-driven marketing team was all about buying new software tools and building new skill sets but the reality is that to build a data culture, marketing teams need to create new ways to approach their work.

The companies which are doing data well, usually focus on 4 core principles:

  1. Clear Vision
  2. Leveraging external and internal insights
  3. Acquiring new knowledge
  4. Using Agile

Clear Vision

Having a clear vision of what you and your team would like to monitor and which information you need to develop and measure your strategy, will certainly help you to get started. Start by asking yourself and your team the following questions:

  • What data do we need to be effective?
  • Where can I find this data?
  • How do I use this data?
  • What impact will this data have on my activities?

When those questions are clear, you can start looking at tools to help you monitor those activities.

Leveraging your agency and cross-departmental insight

The idea of having a linear marketing team with agencies and other departments giving some simple inputs to the marketing activities no longer works. Modern marketing teams need to have all customer departments and agencies functioning as an interconnected ecosystem.

The agency that looks after your PPC or SEO initiatives has a lot of data about your customer so does your customer support team and sales department. So why not bringing everyone together to share their knowledge and reports?

Acquiring new knowledge

Marketing Managers don’t need to be specialists in data and master new tools and channels, but they need to have a minimum knowledge of those skills to be able to orchestrate their teams.

The good thing is that learning those competencies is easier than ever. Websites like Google Garage and Udacity have great content and can definitely get you started.

Marketing Managers also need to think about acquiring talents with new sets of skills. Channels, UX and Data specialists are now the core bone of marketing initiatives.

Of course, not all teams have the financial resources to bring those people in-house, but skills can be outsourced. Modern agencies are also changing their way of working and most of them can assist marketing teams with these capabilities.

Using Agile

There is no point in gathering data if your team doesn’t have the capability to test new ideas and make changes fast.

A data-driven marketing team needs to be able to streamline throughput, evaluate results and ROIs and iterate their marketing tactics quickly.

Agile Methodology allows you to do this. By adopting agile processes, marketing teams can make data-driven improvements to campaigns and assets, while also providing increased transparency and accountability to the C-level.

Making this cultural shift is not easy. But it’s clear to me that changing the way marketing department works is the only way marketers can become data-driven and more results-oriented. Although making those changes is hard work. There is no reason to panic yet. We are still in the stone-age of data so there is still time for teams to catch up and take full advantage of what a good data has to offer.

Livia Beaurepaire

Livia is Showtime's best import. Having worked in marketing in both Brazil and Melbourne for over 8 years, Livia has seen it all. She is an information super-consumer, with a love for learning everything there is to know about digital, data in particular.