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Seeing sudden spikes in your web traffic in Google Analytics?

18 February 2019 Read 1190 times

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your website’s online search traffic from Ashburn, Virginia (Image 1), you’re not alone.

You may find, like many others, the traffic is from Amazon Web Services.

Google Analytics have yet to block Amazon’s AWS bots and it is currently inflating lots of online reports, throwing off measurements in digital marketing campaigns globally.

Should you be worried?

Yes! For two reasons:

  • There is no accuracy with your website engagement or conversions report
  • Malicious bots can comb private information stored on your gateways.

The tricky thing with bots is they can disguise themselves as harmless.

There is no once-off, fix-all solution to blocking bots from crawling your website. The best way to manage it, is to exclude them from your Google Analytics profile and monitor activity through your Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

The remedy

Two core options to minimise the impact of these bots is to update your view settings and to filter the source of these bots.

Google Analytics

Within your View Settings in Google Analytics (Admin), select the Bot Filtering field (Image 2).

Bots Filtering

Image 2



Create a new filter that removes traffic from the ISP domain network, the campaign source, and the language they use for crawling (Image 3).

Analytics Bot Filtering

Image 3



Google Search Console

Within the Search console (Image 4), the Index Coverage report will be able to review Crawl Errors and flag problems with pages (Image 5). This allows your business to identify potential bot activity for you to take the necessary actions to prevent them from exposing your website to malicious activity.


Image 4

Image 5


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