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Recently I had an interesting experience. I was researching IT companies and after clicking on ads and going from one website to another I came across a landing page. My immediate reaction was URGHH!!! I couldn’t deep dive into more content. I couldn’t see what other services the company had to offer. It felt like I was skimming the surface and had no idea of what lies beneath… This got me thinking, when is a landing page good and when is a landing page too little? In this post I’m going to delve into what products and services are better suited to landing pages and those which need a little more explanation. I will also provide a cure for the landing page disconnect – a way to keep people focused while providing that next level of detail. First, we will consider the type of decision required. According to the level…
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If there’s one word to define landing pages it’s - FOCUS. In business as in life you get what you focus on and no business can survive without focusing on client acquisition. Yet the online environments many companies rely on resemble limp handshakes rather than any real commitment to the consumer relationship. Here we’re going to show you how to focus on separate and very distinct user segments. We’re going to explore the use of landing pages in the mortgage broking industry but this same strategy can be applied to any number of industries. There are three reasons we’ve chosen this industry – As a business to consumer category it receives lots of traffic. Buyers convert online every day. User groups buy for different reasons. Consumers looking in the mortgage broking category are 1st home buyers, 2nd or 3rd home buyers, they’re investors, and downsizers or they’re simply looking to…
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Elevator pitch - ‘a succinct and persuasive sales pitch’. Have you ever tried your elevator pitch on someone and used 5000 words to explain yourself? How do you think you’d go? Do you think you might have overcooked it? Do you think the other person might run the other way? Interestingly plenty of companies do it every day and they do it online with sliders. What’s a slider? It’s traditionally an image with a message which slides across the page, normally from right to left, to be replaced by another message. Why do we use sliders? It was the website fashion of the day and as I’ve mentioned many times before, to follow website fashion is folly. Consumers pay the bills so follow them. If a picture says 1000 words on a landing page you’ve said too much. Powershop has no less than 5 sliders on its website. Now if…
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What if you only had 2 hours to change your website into a landing page to achieve more conversions? Could you do it? Could you remove the clutter and focus only on what’s important to your consumers in that time? We had some fun with and believe from this 2 hour workshop consumers would be less inclined to experience confusion on the page and convertibility would increase. We’re going to prove it to you with some really cool metrics we’ve derived from each page variation. All we’ve done in 2 hours is change the HTML script on the page so it’s very temporary. We’re going to run each page variation against our eye tracking technology. It’s an artificial intelligence tool based on computational neuroscience which we believe to be the best in the market. You can also access the same eye tracking software here to find out which elements…
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If we placed 20 people in a line-up and asked you to choose the person who’ll be your next client you’d have a tough time picking them out, simply because people are not what they appear to be. There are two levels of client information which are fundamentally important to us, their psychological motivations and their contact details. While both are interconnected we’re going to focus on the easier part of this equation, their contact details. We’re going to analyse how you can best elicit the information needed to start the relationship without too much effort. We’re going to look at the good, the bad and the downright rude.
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Is it reasonable to say you could line up 10 mortgage brokers and play eeny, meeny, miny, moe, to choose a winner? It’s effectively what consumers are doing to find you online…or is it? If your company was in a line-up, at a glance and without saying a word, could you convey the trust needed to win the consumer over? We’ve investigated 5 prominent mortgage broking companies and graded their website pages based on clarity, excitedness and emotiveness to determine a winner and you’ll be surprised at the winning page. This investigation was sparked by the research commissioned by NAB-owned UBank which concluded only 16 per cent of home owners know their mortgage rate. What surprising is it’s the biggest expense on the household budget and 84% of home owners don’t have any reference point at all for comparison! So what are consumers basing their decision on and what on-page…
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