The 2 hr landing page challenge - Ezidebit - Showtime Digital

The 2 hr landing page challenge - Ezidebit

14 April 2016 Read 3323 times

What if you only had 2 hours to change your website into a landing page to achieve more conversions? Could you do it?

Could you remove the clutter and focus only on what’s important to your consumers in that time? We had some fun with and believe from this 2 hour workshop consumers would be less inclined to experience confusion on the page and convertibility would increase. We’re going to prove it to you with some really cool metrics we’ve derived from each page variation.

All we’ve done in 2 hours is change the HTML script on the page so it’s very temporary.

We’re going to run each page variation against our eye tracking technology. It’s an artificial intelligence tool based on computational neuroscience which we believe to be the best in the market. You can also access the same eye tracking software here to find out which elements people see on your own page.

NOTE: Ezidebit is not Showtime’s client but we did happily use their service for the first few years of operation. There’s very little that’s alarmingly wrong with the Ezidebit page but you’ll see the progression we take as we go through the different page variations.

The Default page (Homepage)

The Default page (Homepage)


This is the default homepage for Ezidebit. Our goal is to make the consumer’s understanding of the page easier and we’re only going to focus our attention above the page fold. We’ll remove the clutter such as the Nav Bar at the top of the page, one of the Call to Action (CTA) buttons and the Login button. We’re also going to quickly create a more compelling headline which we took from the About Us page and the CTA pop up.

After each page variation we’ll identify which on page elements receive attention from the eye in the first 3 seconds. This is a critical time for the consumer and why bounce rates can be so high.

In the first 3 seconds consumers need to focus on the 3W’s –

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. What’s the next step?

For the consumer everything else is clutter.

Download the eBook ‘Creating Landing Pages Which Convert’ to understand why the 3W’s are so important for conversions.

Moving from a position of page confusion to one of clarity in only 2 hours can mean the difference of a 5% converting page becoming a 10% page. If you optimise your landing pages over time and perfect the experience for the consumer you could achieve results which only a few years ago were virtually unachievable.


Perception Map

Hotspot Map


On the existing website homepage these are the elements consumers currently see. The first image is a perception map while the second is a hotspot map. The bigger the circle of the hotspot the more attention the element receives from the eye. The smaller the circle the less attention it received but it caught the eye. You’ll notice there are 10 circles in each shot. This is because when you meet someone for the first time or view a website the eye takes in data 3 times a second. During those 3 seconds the brain receives information from the eye about the page. If the brain can interpret what it sees and it’s compelling, hey presto you’re more likely to achieve a conversion and a higher conversion rate overall.


Why Choose Us


We weren’t happy with the headline because when you call yourself an ‘Expert’ no one believes you but if someone else calls you an expert it’s true. Besides the headline should hint at what the consumer can get out of the relationship.

We often find the more compelling reasons for consumers to convert sit at the very bottom of a 1200 word About Us or Why Us page and we found one of sorts on the Why Choose Us page (circled). It’s not the best and it’s probably a little cheesy but we’ve only got 2 hours and it’s at least a little more compelling...don’t worry it gets better.


Variation 1

Variation 1

Variation 1 Perception Map

Variation 1 Hotspot Map


In this variation we only changed the headline. We immediately saw greater attention being delivered to the headline because of it. You’ll also notice the headline now occupies three levels and this has dropped the image of the laptop further below the page fold. This has allowed more attention can be directed to the 3W’s.


Variation 2

Variation 2

Variation 2 Perception Map

Variation 2 Hotspot Map


This variation sports the biggest changes in our 2 hour challenge, it’s also the variation which best replicates a landing page. Now we can take control over the specific page elements we choose the consumer’s eye to focus on. We’ve ripped out the Navigation Bar at the top of the page. Only the logo and the ‘Watch a Demo’ button remained because these were the only two actions conducive to the sale.

We also removed the second CTA button titled ‘Payment Solutions’. Giving the consumer two outcomes halves your success rate. We left the ‘Watch a Demo’ button in the top right of the page to balance out the page simply because there was no phone number to leave in its place.

You’ll notice with less clutter the eye is free to dwell on the elements which are pivotal to the sale. We can clearly witness this because the circles are larger than in the default page and they’re less scattered across the page, this means we’re stopping the visual confusion people experience on the page.


Variation 3

Variation 3

Variation 3 Perception Map

Variation 3 Hotspot Map


In this page variation we wanted to test if using a green CTA button in the centre and the top right of the page would help involve the green hue in the logo but it only dropped the eye deeper into the page, this also picked up the PC screen at the bottom just above the fold of the page. The logo is just too small to compete with the elements lower in the page.

You’ll also notice we changed the headline again. Yes, it’s only slightly better but time is ticking...


Variation 4

Variation 4

Variation 4 Perception Map

Variation 4 Hotspot Map


Finally we made the Ezidebit logo slightly larger at the top of the page. Unfortunately we couldn’t increase logo size by a great margin so we increased the white space at the top of the page to give it more clarity; unfortunately it didn’t make much of a difference but further work here would help with brand recall. We also hunted around the website for a more compelling and concise headline and found it when we clicked on the ‘Enquire Now’ CTA button where it said, ‘Get Paid On Time Every Time’. This would certainly be good for consumer congruency when they come to fill in their details on the pop up.

We were also happy with the headline if the consumer didn’t read it in its entirety. If they only read, ‘Get Paid Everytime. The Ezidebit Way’ it still gets the point across, in fact it’s probably punchier. But we weren’t happy with the smaller circles and the circle on the eye of the girl to the left of the page. That’s just wasting valuable time.


Variation 5 - the final variation

Variation 5

Variation 5 Perception Map

Variation 5 Hotspot Map


Here we placed the Headline over two lines instead of three. We also replaced the word ‘Features’ with ‘Benefits’ below the hero image. Features are so boring but benefits mean something to consumers.

There are a number of cool things we could have done to improve the page such as making the hero image slightly opaque to engage the eye more at the front of the page rather than having people looking deeper into the page. The size of the logo could be slightly larger to compete with the elements in the hero image and we’d love to take out the ‘Watch a Demo’ CTA button and replace it with a phone number in that top corner.

When you click the ‘Watch a Demo’ CTA button you’re expecting to see a video of how the product works but they ask for your email first so the value exchange is off putting for the consumer.

We found ourselves saying, ‘you show me what you’ve got first...then I’ll tell you if it’s worth giving you my email address’!

The phone number is an acceptable secondary outcome to have on the page and it’s more on point for the majority of the target audience who we expect would be the Gen X audience (36 – 55 years old). Research shows this age group still prefer to have a conversation on the phone.


Page metrics

Conclusions Consumer experience Visibility of page elements
Page Variation Clarity Excitedness Logo CTA button
Default page 80 58 18 83
Variation #1 86 78 14 95
Variation #2 90 75 15 100
Variation #3 89 70 10 140
Variation #4 92 69 0 90
Variation #5 91 69 19 137


Above are the specific page metrics for page clarity, the emotional excitement people may experience and the visibility of 2 of the 3W’s of ‘who are you’ and ‘what’s the next step’. We’ve highlighted the top scoring metrics.

Clarity – To a point you could say the better the page clarity the better it is for conversions. But too much white space or not enough information for consumers can be counterproductive during the sales process. We often see this in web fashion today where pretty websites have a hero image, a headline and a CTA button and…that’s it. They then refer to this as a landing page…in our mind it’s very one dimensional and a bit lazy and you’re finding nothing out about your consumer. Not surprisingly the Default page scored the worst in the page clarity comparison.

Excitedness – We’ve highlighted Variation #1 as recording the highest score but this wouldn’t be our preference as a winner. Remember Ezidebit’s target audience are business owners not teenagers. For this reason it’s desirable and more credible in the conservative finance sector to have a lower score. This is why Variation #4 or Variation #5 would be our winner here.

Logo visibility – While the most important of the 3W’s for a consumer is, ‘Why should I care’ it’s also important they acknowledge who they’re dealing with. Here Variation #5 wins. Remember we didn’t have the opportunity to increase the size of the logo but in an ideal scenario we’d like to increase the metric for this element to 50 or above, so it still has a way to go.

We also scratched our heads as to why Variation #4 scored zero for logo visibility. You’ll notice even though the headline has three levels it’s also very narrow. So the eye’s attention was focused on the centre of the page rather than the outskirts. This was rectified in Variation #5 where the eye’s focus was broader.

CTA button – The second most important of the 3W’s is the next step. Notice the Default page with the 2x CTA button scored lowest. Here Variation #3 is our winner with Variation #5 scoring a close second.

The winner – For our money 1st place goes to Variation #5.

Variation 5 - The Winner


As much as is possible it focuses on the consumer. The headline is more resolute and has an immediately visible benefit for the consumer. There’s one outcome (We still want a phone number) and the word ‘Features’ has been replaced with ‘Benefits’, implying the Ezidebit product is unique to its competitors.

We’re still unsure as to how the hero image adds to the value of the product message. It’s a bit too iStock for us but if Ezidebit had a sales drive to increase acquisition they could quite successfully use this page as a starting point to convert more people more of the time.

Over a period of 12 months the consumer data would inform future page variations to further increase convertibility and at some stage they could fold the higher converting page back into the main website. The benefit here is their target audience is now informing their future web design rather than the website fashion of the day.

This has been a lot of fun; we hope it’s been informative for you as well. If you want to check your own website and see if consumers acknowledge the 3W’s on your webpage here’s the link again.

Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer is the Joint Founder and CEO of Showtime Digital. Steve has been in B2B sales since 1997 but influencing people and behavioural science has been a long-term passion.

The magic he brings to his clients is in knowing how to engage their audience. His goal is to help businesses understand the deeper reasons of why consumers convert online with them.