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It doesn’t matter if the marketing team is small or large, from Australia or from Brazil. Most of the companies I’ve worked with fall short in data management. It’s easy to comprehend why, in the past decade, marketing teams have had to adapt to so many changes and had to learn about so many tools and channels. It comes as no surprise that data fell off most team’s radar. On top of that, marketing managers are, historically, creative people with little interest about data and statistics and the idea of managing data scares a lot of the marketers that I know. The consequences are familiar: 1) The marketing department can’t prove their value and loses budget; 2) big chunks of marketing budget goes towards software’s and platforms which teams don’t know how to use or are not ready for 3) marketing strategy is re-done every year and campaigns lag on…
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When it comes to online lead generation the spectrum of clients we speak to can range from the ‘just get me leads’ request to the ‘we want to build the brand’ approach. Regardless of whether your preferred online marketing strategy is hard and fast or omnichannel nurturing, at some point each is judged by what it contributes to the bottom line. If you want to generate leads through tried and true online mechanisms then two channels stand out; Affiliate Marketing and Google AdWords leads. As a digital marketing agency we’ll give you some perspective from our experience in the game. But there is a disclaimer to state these channels may not work for everyone because your offer and your preferred consumers are very individual. The two approaches we’ll discuss here relate more to business to consumer environments such as mortgages, insurance, services and fashion. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing…
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Empirical studies allow us to understand en masse how people respond to certain stimuli. For example we gravitate to the familiar; we seek security in patterns, expressing scepticism in the unfamiliar. When we use these techniques online they don’t work all the time but in general most people, the majority of the time, are subject to anchors. For example a bias we all experience would be when we see a green light at an intersection and accelerate away without first looking for speeding cars coming in the other direction. Or when the phone of a stranger nearby rings with the same ringtone as your own phone and we reach to answer our phone. Our brains tell us based on the last 100 times when X has happened, Y was the outcome and the statistical probability of danger is extremely low. The brain has now found a short cut it trusts…
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Last Sunday we saw the new advertising from iSelect feature a new campaign without Jason Geary. We questioned how long this would take given the environment. iSelect’s chief executive Scott Wilson said, "Last year we spent $5 million advertising our energy business and our health sales went up". So it appears at least part of the change in marketing is in response to the market’s tunnel vision of the comparison site. Here at Showtime we were always curious about the lack of digital optimisation the company placed on their other services.
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The family sits around the TV and during the commercials the Meerkats (Aleksandr and Sergei) come on. They’re funny and they’re cute. The Ad finishes and your little one says, ‘They’re funny daddy...what’s a Meerkat’? ‘I don’t know, lets Google it’. He searches Google...‘It says it’s a Mongoose’. ‘What’s a Mongoose daddy’? ‘I’m not sure’. ‘Can a Mongoose fly’? Yes you get the idea; the Australian audience has never quite understood the Meerkats. They endeavoured to use a carbon copy approach which worked very well in the UK but it didn’t seem to gel with the Australian market. Over the years they’ve spent a lot of money on TVC’s making us feel comfortable about the antics of Aleksandr and Sergei. So who is Compare the Market (CTM)? It’s a brand which started back in 2006 and does supremely well in the UK but since its September 2012 launch in Australia…
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With all the work we do to create conversions a headline can either nail the conversion or kill it. During the first 3 seconds you must answer the 3W’s - Who are you? Why should I care? What’s the next step? The most important of all of these is the Why. Why should I care, what’s in it for me. How are you going to improve my situation?
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Shayne Elliott, the new CEO of ANZ was the guest speaker at Fintech Melbourne’s first meetup of 2016 on the 4th Feb. His comment on trust as being the key driver in their consumer relationships got me thinking. Are the new market place lenders conveying the trust needed to secure business over their websites and landing pages?
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