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You can trust us…we’re the new market place lenders

18 February 2016 Read 1822 times

Shayne Elliott, the new CEO of ANZ was the guest speaker at Fintech Melbourne’s first meetup of 2016 on the 4th Feb. His comment on trust as being the key driver in their consumer relationships got me thinking. Are the new market place lenders conveying the trust needed to secure business over their websites and landing pages?

Trust is an attribute all new marketplace lenders must strive for. Trust can be consciously delivered or subconsciously implied. We all know when someone says, ‘trust me’ they are not to be trusted but ultimately you want people to ‘feel’ trust when they’re on your website or landing page. It’s a tough juggling act so my condolences go out to the owners of the following websites in the unsecured lending space because we’re going to analyse some of your pages. Firstly these are the ways we can create trust on your page.

Build trust with:

  • Logo
  • Colour palette
  • Font selection
  • Page speed
  • Clean design
  • Simple copy with a easy to read tone
  • No bold claims or exaggerations
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Privacy policy
  • Affiliation badges i.e. Google Trusted Store
  • Testimonials
  • Use ‘As seen in’ mentions
  • Associated companies

In the following analysis we’re going to look at 6 competitors and we’re going to rank them on the trust consumers will feel while on their page. I’ve purposely chosen the Google Search ‘Unsecured Lending’ as my starting point. So let’s start.




This company has served a personal lending website page. Right at the top of the page they state, ‘Now getting your rate with SocietyOne won’t ding your credit score. Sweet’. I’m not sure if the consumer will know what this comment really means. This is also at the base of the contact form. It’s obviously worded for a younger personal lending audience. At the base of the page SocietyOne say the same thing a lot more succinctly. ‘We will do a soft credit search which will not impact your credit score’. That’s much better.

The headline is weak but the sub headline uses the words ‘good credit history’. This future paces the consumer and makes them feel good about their upcoming situation. They’ve connected borrowers and investors for loans totalling over $60 million. This helps the consumer feel they are not alone. As seen on Financial Review etc. Good trust here.

The ‘Why people choose us’ section is pretty good. But it’s SocietyOne talking about SocietyOne. They’re probably features more than anything.

How it works section could quite easily be 4 steps. Less steps are less complicated and easier to digest.

Hear what our customers say section is very good. The videos are of real customers, the video length is just right and the written testimonials support this. This section should be higher up the page. This could replace the ‘Why people choose us’ section.

Common Questions and Answers section should be in accordion boxes. At least you would know what’s important to consumers.



Fifo Capital

FIFO Capital


By the imagery we know Fifo are targeting businesses. We see they are invoice factoring specialists rather than peer to peer lenders (P2P). It’s also a website so there’s going to be a lot of holes and links to different sections of the website.

They use a counter which shows they have funded $685,191,383. Does anyone believe this? I can confirm that on Nov 6 2015 the number was $229,006,187, so it looks like the real deal only if you’ve visited before.

There are two buttons, green and orange but I’m not sure why I would click either. The next section gives me a further 3 options so now I’m really confused. I’m half way down the page and I still don’t see a compelling reason to call them.

Further down the page I see three columns. Fast business finance, Purpose-fit for business and Find out more…hey isn’t that a contact form? Yes, but why is it way down there?

We then have what look like blogs, a free download and a tiny testimonial in the corner with no attribution. Even further down there is a Live Chat button. Shouldn’t a lot of this info be above the fold?

The above the fold part of the page was promising but the further we go down the page the less information we see.






Immediately we see UCapital is a business lender and once again it’s a website. Grow your Small Business is the headline. It’s not very compelling is it? Some consumers may also be insulted to be referred to as a small business.

Further down the page we see 'Is your small business in need of a cash injection?'. This can seem patronising to a person who’s come this far over Search.

A slider with testimonials appears but there’s no attribution. Joe, Café Owner has no credibility. It needs a surname or the name of the café otherwise it looks made up.

The title 'About UCapital’s Unsecured Business Loans' is actually a video. But viewers will hesitate clicking the icon because they will question what it is. When the video is clicked it’s the company owner. It would be more effective to have Joe the café owner being interviewed.

Below this level the rest of the page adds very little to the credibility required to get people over the line.



Yes FS

Yes FS


In a market which has lots of funding and VC’s throwing capital at most anyone that holds up their hand there are those companies that have been doing this for a long time. All this money goes into advancing backend processes, slick frontend optimisation and marketing domination. Due to this there will be some who get left behind. Unfortunately Yes Fs is one of those companies.

It’s a website mimicking a landing page; you’ll notice the Navigation Bar is hidden. It appears to be targeted at the consumer market. It’s short in length which goes against the trend. There’s nothing wrong given the age of the website, it does have a contact form and the phone number above the fold, right where they should be. It just needs to compete in 2016.



Business Fuel

Business Fuel


Right away I see the site is https and it’s Norton secured. So I know my security is important to them. Even though the headline is uninspiring, ’Fast Business Loans’ at least it says it’s a business lender.

It’s only got three steps but it does use the word Submit at stage two. If I’m a business owner the last thing I want to do is submit. NEVER USE THE WORD SUBMIT! Underneath this they state they’ve lent to over 40 industries, they’ve lent millions of dollars to small and medium businesses and over 40% of their clients use them more than once. The first two statements carry little weight, it’s a look at me statement but the most valuable of all three points is the last. The fact 40% use you again helps people see themselves experiencing the service plus there’s a lot of implied trust in this comment.

The ‘Industries we’ve helped’ section would be better termed as ‘We can lend to businesses just like yours’. This statement is about the consumer seeing themselves as part of a larger group while in existing heading is all about Business Fuel.

As an aside the page has 4x Apply Now buttons. That’s a bit confusing and excessive which erodes trust.






The last in this analysis is Moula. Once again we see the headline ‘Business Loans, Quick Smart’, almost the same as Business Fuel. The site is https, (Norton Secured) so security is important and a strong component in their client relationships. We’re looking at a café scene from Glider Café in Potts Point which we assume is a client. Consumers may identify as many as 6 clickable elements above the fold and this may confuse the consumer.

They use a Live Chat feature and it doesn’t pop up immediately which is good, they let he visitor figure things out but there’s a backup if needed. But you’ll notice no one is home on the Live Chat feature! We have 4x icons which look like a step by step process (but they’re not) and then we have Three simple steps? I’m confused. The three steps are good but the quick and easy section could go. They could be accordions to identify if consumers care at all if Moula was ‘Made in Australia’.

‘How do I qualify’, is a great headline. This is supported by ‘What we need’ and ‘What we don’t do’. This is very clear and will help the consumer come to you. Clarity conveys trust. It’s good to see someone in this analysis say you’ll need to qualify. It seems so many websites in this category try to make it too easy. It’s not easy, it is simple but it’s not easy. It would be interesting to see if they achieve a higher quality of lead from using this tactic.

Moula and Xero have teamed up, as have much of the industry. It makes business applications faster if the company financials are visible. It’s fast becoming a feature in the industry but should this be higher up the page?

The Repayment calculator is a great feature of the site. It says we’ve got nothing to hide. More companies should use this. ‘Moula in the Press’, once again this shows credibility and trust. But the testimonials are by Trust Pilot and are Y framed so they look out of place. They only use Christian names, (are we allowed to say that anymore) it’s not ideal but the amount of testimonials overcomes this.




Going back to Shayne Elliott’s comment, earning the trust of the consumer is the cornerstone of the lending relationship. For most in our comparison there’s a lot of work to be done. The winner in this comparison is Moula and for good reason. They were clearer about their value proposition than the others. The only box they didn’t tick (video testimonials) was negated by the amount of written testimonials they had. The biggest issue across all competitors was the lack of privacy afforded to the consumer. Not once was there a Privacy Policy hyperlink in any Contact Form and only two sites used SSL level security.

The point which let down Society One was the copy; it was more look at me than how can we serve you. These are only small wording changes but they can elevate conversions significantly. Interestingly there was not one landing page in our comparison. So the data they receive will be compromised. Interestingly the company which has the most to gain is YesFS because they have the least to lose.

The table below shows the results more precisely.


Trust category Society One Fifo Capital Ucapital YesFS Business Fuel Moula
Colour palette  
Font selection    
Clean design    
Simple copy with a easy to read tone  
No bold claims or exaggerations      
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)        
Privacy policy      
Affiliation badges i.e. Norton        
Use ‘As seen in’ mentions        
Associated suppliers          


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