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Attention all business owners and marketing people. I invite you to unite to make the online world a better place by sharing this post with CEO’s, marketing managers and web developers. Let’s make a promise to eliminate the word ‘Submit’ on webpages and landing pages internationally.   Let’s make this ‘International Unsubmit Day’. But before you send this on to someone else you better make sure it’s not on your own page. So let’s do this right now... Step 1 - Load your homepage or landing page. Step 2 - Press (Ctrl F). Step 3 - Type in the little box ‘submit’. If this word is on your page it will be highlighted. Eliminate it immediately. You could use anyone of these terms. Start here, Send eBook now, Download, Get started, Contact me, anything is better than the use of the word Submit. In the landing page optimisation space it…
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Let’s get inside the head of your consumer The human brain is hugely complex, it’s pivotal to everything we do and yet we know very little about how and why it works. We still view it much the same as looking through a telescope into outer space. In 2016 neuroscientists and computer scientists are analysing a small piece of brain which is one five-hundredth the volume of a poppy seed (a cubic millimetre of cortex). It is the most extensive analysis of the brain to date and will take approximately five years. That tiny portion of brain matter houses about 100,000 neurons, 3 to 15 million synapses and enough neural wiring to span 3.7km if it were untangled and laid end-to-end. If you’re a Melbournian that’s the distance from Flinders St Station to the Alfred Hospital and if you’re a Sydney sider it’s the walk from the University of Sydney…
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Emotions aren’t generally discussed within the context of online marketing, yet our emotions impact the decisions we make and the products we buy. As marketers we’re looking to complete a basic equation: need + want + desire = motivation to purchase Needs, wants and desires are underwritten by emotions which can be personal and subjective. However, psychologists have worked for years to pinpoint commonalities which bind us in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
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