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Let's talk LinkedIn. Language of the leaders or industry provocateurs?

25 January 2019 Read 1323 times
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We so commonly hear, ‘Thought Leader’ in the business arena and yet, since 1887 the definition of the term seems to have wandered from its original meaning.

"A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.  The Oxford English Dictionary gives as its first citation for the phrase an 1887 description of Henry Ward Beecher as "one of the great thought-leaders in America." Wikipedia


Steve Palmer, Showtime Digital’s Founder recently wrote an opinion (not a thought leadership) piece on the increased use of profanity on the LinkedIn professional network (read it here). If our behaviour is governed by a Code of Conduct and the association of our friends and family, shouldn’t this be consistent online?

Or are our online interactions the new norm to the exclusion of real life?

Is our online personality the foundation of acceptable behaviour?

How we speak and behave in an online conversation is no longer governed by the “right time and place”. We’re told we can cut-through the noise with thought-provoking ideas, clickbait and unpredictable online jargon. So where does it end?

Steve discusses what it means to be a Thought Leader and how lines of authenticity and personal branding become blurred from behind a screen.

What you find is that authenticity no longer comes with humility. Some might even believe that in order to be heard through the online chatter, provocative language will represent the authencity of the message.As this trend continues to become more widely accepted, how will professionals and buisness be conducted on professional networks? 

When business owners represent their companies as thought leaders and use profanity, as we’ve recently seen infiltrate LinkedIn, they can compromise their brand and credibility. While we might listen to what is said, we may not necessarily like the person who now represented it. 

Forbes recently released the

“Thought Leadership” has no qualification criteria and is so loosely defined, that anyone can claim to be one and as such no one’s credibility is bought into question.

Like crabs in a bucket, each crab is clawing to escape and crying out for attention, and in doing so, they become the noise they so desperately try to stand apart from.  

What do you think?