Lead Generation From Search To Landing PageHow we boosted conversions from 15% to 54% in 150 days

About the project

Buildsafe insure registered builders and everyday home renovators (owner builders). We spoke to them about their frustrations with their online marketing. It was clear that while they were advertising online the effectiveness of this, especially to reach the owner builder market was in question. Although they were getting leads their cost per lead was high. This presented an opportunity to fine tune the process for owner builders looking for insurance.


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88% Decrease in cost per lead
60% decrease in budget to achieve outcomes
We started by considering…
  1. Who are we talking to?
  2. What is their motivation?
  3. What are their pain points?
  4. Why should people choose Buildsafe?
  5. What is their next step?

And from this we developed an understanding that Owner Builder Insurance is actually a legal requirement in many cases. The need is inherent, it came down to their pain points around needing this insurance but not knowing what all the obligations were.

Fortunately Buildsafe emphasise the importance of speaking in plain english and making the process as simple as possible.

Using existing documentation we were able to develop a landing page which emphasised the benefits of BuildSafe without all the complications. A page which would make it easy for owner builders to get a quote, and get the insurance box checked!

With the page in mind we built our paid search strategy and implemented our goal tracking measures.

Services Involved:
  • Search and online advertising strategy
  • Search and online ad management
  • Landing page design and optimisation
  • Consumer insights
  • Transparent reporting

How we did it

Clear and meaningful landing page

We stopped diverting owner builders to their main website, where the other insurance products could become confusing. We purpose-built a landing page to address owner builder insurance, with only the supporting information they needed to feel secure in asking for a quote.

Increased speed & optimsed for devices

Our developers found ways to make the page load in an instant despite challenges with tracking codes and website frameworks. When it came to devices we tested to ensure the page was the same quality across mobile and tablet.

Strengthened our keyword targeting

We deepened our targeting, weeding out keywords which weren't as highly qualified and adding more contentual keywords which would relate to the processess owner builders are going through to start their building project.

Optimised for conversions

With high competition from other insurers the cost per click was being driven up to $15 per click. Instead of always bidding for top 3 position we analysed which position was actually getting us the best conversion rate and set our sights on maintaining higher converting positions.

Improved our page

Once we had a baseline we were able to detect changes to the conversion rate and user experience. Using some savvy eye tracking technology we detected our original page design, which had been performing well had suddenly shifted focus. Noting this we were able to respond quickly, working with the page elements to ensure the right elements were being seen.

Tracked, analysed and adapted

With sophisticated tracking mechanisms across the site alongside analytical data we were able to learn more about the user journey and customer experience. With this knowledge on hand we were able to tweak the page and ads to be more aligned with our audience's preferences.

Tested again and again

When we had insights to improve the page, ad copy, or call-to-action we tested it. In some cases we were surprised by the outcome, in others we foresaw the results but wanted to be sure in our assumptions.

And we just kept going...