Showtime eBook - Creating Landing Pages Which Convert

Discover The Principles For High Converting Landing Pages

Discover the principles for high converting landing pages

Have you ever sat next to someone at a dinner party and you just got along? That’s what a great landing page does. It meets people where they’re at and makes them feel like they’re the only person in the room.

The information in this eBook is the culmination of years of developing and optimising campaigns and user journeys, creating landing pages that convert.

This eBook will outline:

  1. How to set up a landing page campaign properly.
    The off page, on page and ancillaries which position your landing pages campaigns for success.
  2. The key considerations throughout the process.
    You’ll be shown our exact process plus we’ll inform you of some of the pitfalls to avoid.
  3. How to connect with your audience in 3 seconds.
    Ways to approach your copy, imagery, page elements, even page hierarchy to create more hits and less misses.

About the author

Steve Palmer is the Joint Founder and CEO of Showtime Digital. Steve has been in B2B sales since 1997 but influencing people and behavioural science has been a long-term passion.

The magic he brings to the table is in knowing how to engage audiences online. His goal is to help businesses understand the deeper reasons of why consumers convert with them.

“From first-hand experience, I know how hard these guys work to optimise landing pages and boost campaign performance. Steve's latest eBook is full of simple tips and tricks to build high converting landing pages.”

Martin Kingsley, Just Make IT Work

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