See what other people see when they hit your website or landing page.

Instantly see what your users will see with the help of artificial intelligence.

EyeQuant predicts which parts of your page are the most and least eye-catching, so you can make sure that your most important content is visible right away.

It’s true as individuals we are unpredictable but science has shown that en mass we are! In fact, this technology has over 85% predictive accuracy compared to empirical studies.

At Showtime we use Eyequant before finalising page design. So we know we’re on the right track. We’ve also used it to optimise pages, improving conversion rates by +10%.

Test your URL to see what others can see, or more so what they can’t!

EyeQuant Perception Map

Perception map
What people perceive on your page.

EyeQuant Attention Map

Attention map
How attention is distributed across the page.

EyeQuant Hot Spots

Hot Spots
The elements which are most eye catching.

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