Non-bank lenders - Who buys and how do they do it?

Non-bank lenders - Who buys and how do they do it?

This is an exert and the second in a series of reports focusing on the non-banking sector.

The first report focuses specifically on the debtor finance sector.You can download that here


The second report can be downloaded hereThe report highlights 22 companies from non-bank lending, including marketplace lenders, both commercial and personal, as well as the previously expanded on debtor finance sector.

Who searches Non-bank lenders?

In Figure1 we see some examples of buyer personas which commercial non-bank lenders focus on.

For any marketing strategy, the starting point is understanding who your buyer is. This is the key to all successful communications. Each sector will have an ideal set of buyers and personas can differ between competitors.

Here we can define the consumer needs, pains and gains and answer people as they view communications such as website copy, offers and tone of language through EDM’s and even how we speak to people over the phone.

 non bank7

Figure1 Source: Showtime_Buyer_Personas

How do people search Non-bank lenders?

Search terms - P2P business

Here (Figure2) we see a list of converting search terms people use to start conversations with marketplace lenders and which exhibit high buyer intent.

While there is a select amount of terms which dominate the category, people search from a diverse range of keyword searches.


Non bank2

Figure2-Source: Google AdWords

Non bank3

Figure3-Source: Google AdWords

Search terms – Debtor finance

Figure3 shows a list of converting search terms people use to enquire with the debtor finance category.

The staple terms are even more fragmented than in the business loans category. Several factors influence this, education levels, age demographic and prior awareness of the category.