Rate Detective

Rate Detective

Page Design With PersonalityHow we improved the performance of a Life Insurance Page

About the project

Rate Detective have a quirky brand, however we noticed the main product pages were missing a personal touch! Especially when we compared them to others in the insurance space. Therefore we had a chat to the team and presented our idea to reinvent the Life Insurance page and ultimately make it a top performer.


Uplift in online leads
Design duplicated for other products
More memorable brand experience
We started by considering…
  1. What is happening in the market?
  2. How do we compare?
  3. How could we do better?
  4. Is the page engaging?
  5. Can people see the logo?
  6. Why would they get a quote?
  7. What is their next step?

We noticed many in the insurance space were shifting towards greeting customers with their brand personality- think iSelect, Compare the Market, even the main insurers were adding a personal touch. With a brand which centred around the concept of a detective, the opportunity to create this level of engagement was evident. By giving more thought to the ‘Rate Detective’ we could create a page which was a more engaging and positive experience for the online customer.

Beyond this we also had to consider what people really want to know when they hit the page. We had to consider how we could condense the information of a highly complex product into meaningful bit-size chunks. And while doing so, minimise the distractions so people were greeted with a friendly, simple, quick fix.

Services Involved:
  • Search and online advertising strategy
  • Landing page design and optimisation

How we did it

Design Analysis

We used market leading eye tracking technology to analyse up to 20 product and quote pages of direct and indirect competitors. Doing this helped us understand what page designs were pleasing to the eye, distracting to the eye and those which made meaningful use of design elements.

Creating personality

Rate Detective were using a detective on their pages already. He was a Sherlock Holmes style detective placed divisively throughout the site to emphasise calls to action. Nothing wrong with that but we thought we could breathe more life to this character and time travel him into the twenty-first century. This is when we conceived the idea of a quirky detective. A character the company could play on and absorb into all their communications.

Photography with purpose

Too often marketers rely on stock images. They're cheap, easy and someone's already done it for us! With our new character and brief we wanted to do a bespoke photo shoot. We had the intentions of using photography creatively on the site and we needed a range of photos which we would be able to test. So we planned our shots and did a casting call. Once we had the model and photographer locked in we shot our own creative.

Meeting Compliance

While we had all these grand ideas for how a page should look, the insurance industry is heavily regulated. We had to make sure the designs were realistic in terms of meeting levels of compliance which meant working closely with the Rate Detective team to understand was in alignment with regulatory standards.

Design with testing in mind

We designed two variations of the page to see which would work best. Both concepts were strong however, we didn't want to go on gut feelings, we needed data to tell us which the audience preferred.


Once we knew which test was stronger we re-examined the focal elements on the page. We made slight tweaks to copy and content to ensure the best messaging was being picked up in our design analysis software.